• George Samuels

The 3 Brand Archetypes That Impact Bitcoin Communities & Adoption

Updated: Jun 14

Originally published on Youtube May 6, 2020, for It Will Come Show episode #86

In this episode of the It Will Come Show, we look at the three different Bitcoin brands (bet you didn't know there was more than one, right?) and how it impacts both its ability to gain mass adoption and WHY all three appeal to different population segments.

We examine BTC, BCH and BSV using the 12 Jungian archetypes as applied to brands.

We identify BTC as the Everyman archetype, BCH the Outlaw, and BSV the Ruler. What implications does this have on their associated communities and/or ecosystems?


Archetypes: https://iconicfox.com.au/brand-archet...

Everyman: https://iconicfox.com.au/brand-archet...

Outlaw: https://iconicfox.com.au/brand-archet...

Ruler: https://iconicfox.com.au/brand-archet...

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