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Hi, I'm George 👋 

Entrepreneur · Speaker · Writer

aka "The Digital Wayfinder"

Over the last decade, I've worked with high-growth startups all the way up to billion-dollar corporations; managed multiple communities across co-working, fintech, and blockchain; and proposed a 5-point plan that got adopted by a government in the South Pacific.


I've had the honor of being awarded "Excellence in Finance Leadership" by FiNext Dubai, and have been featured by the likes of Adobe, Slack, Entrepreneur, Business Insider, Tech In Asia, ABC Radio, Rest of World, and Discover Magazine.


But in 2016, while sitting on top of Mt Kilauea in Hawaii, I had a vision. A vision of starting my own company and infusing the wisdom of my ancestors, based on the prophecy of my great grandfather. A prophecy that I later discovered was echoed amongst various indigenous tribes across the world - about a time when future generations would come back seeking the "old ways", but in new ways. 

So, 18 months later, I quit my high-paying corporate job, moved to Singapore, and started Faiā, an agency & consultancy focused on meta-communitiesIn 2020, I also launched Honā, a web3 accountability platform for founders, which received initial funding from US venture capitalist Tim Draper. 


I'm always open to new opportunities. As an eternal student of life, part of my purpose is to dare to try new things, learn from my successes or failures, and then share those insights in a unique way.

When I'm not advising or building communities/products, I'm writing voraciously, mentoring or coaching solopreneurs (aka "lone wolves") through The Pack, and advocating as an ambassador for companies like the Bitcoin Association and Sunsama

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My great grandfather once prophesied that "in the future, generations will come back seeking the old ways again. Tena loa e fanatu. It will come." The purpose of this site is to help those seeking that "way" by sharing my journey as I: build businesses, manage communities, navigate emerging tech, learn from different cultures, and apply ancient wisdoms.

Interested in working together?

I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities.

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