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3 Practical Business Use-Cases For Blockchain (Part 3): Skills Transfer

For this final part of the series (see parts 1 and 2 here and here respectively), I'm going to be covering:

  1. Why we need to be constantly learning

  2. Current skill trends in the blockchain space

  3. The future of skill-building: learning vs. transferring (Matrix-style via blockchain)

Let's get started!

Always Be Learning

For many, learning often stops after formal education. However, if you see life as one big classroom, there's always something to be learned formally or informally.

Formal education systems simply help provide us with papers to 'prove' that we've learned something. However, the most important thing is applying what you've learned to everyday problems - whether your own or societal.

For the sake of career progression, learning new skills can lead to promotions and increased salaries. It also helps keep your mind sharp, and abreast of changes in your overall field.

But since this series is about blockchain, let's take a look at the most in-demand skills for the blockchain industry right now.

Current In-Demand Blockchain Skills (2022)

The blockchain ecosystem is often seen with mostly coders/developers. However, thanks to the rise of something called DevRel (aka 'Developer Relations'), we're also seeing organizational structures form with roles across Community, Content & Code.

As a result, most of the skills listed below could fit neatly within any of the above three categories:

  1. "Excellent" understanding of blockchain technology¹

  2. Proficiency in at least one high-level programming language (e.g. C++, Golang, C#, JavaScript, Python, Ruby, Java, Solidity sCrypt, Fourth)

  3. Cryptography and security principles²

  4. Experience with distributed systems and Peer-to-Peer (P2P) networking

  5. Knowledge of smart contracts

  6. Familiarity with algorithms and data structures

  7. UX design

  8. Community management

  9. Content marketing

  10. Cross-disciplinary expertise³

How To Start Learning Blockchain-Related Skills

If you don't have any of the above skills yet, there are multiple free resources online to start learning - or you can do what I did:

  1. Follow experts/hashtags on Twitter or LinkedIn

  2. Choose a few good ones that you resonate with

  3. Add them to curated lists

  4. Study what they say daily (I spend up to an hour max)

  5. Read what they recommend

  6. Bookmark valuable content (I use Notion)

  7. Apply you're learning by writing articles and asking for feedback

  8. Contribute to conversations by asking questions

So the above are examples of skills in-demand, and how you can start learning or applying some of those skills.

Next, let's take a look at what blockchain could do for the transfer of skills in the future.

The Future: Matrix-Style Skills Transfer


If you've ever seen The Matrix, you'll remember a scene where Neo learns Kung-Fu (see above) instantly after data is downloaded to his mind via a socket in his head. Although this might sound like improbable (or even scary) science fiction, it's something that I predict will become reality in the future.

Now, if we assume that this will become a reality, how would blockchain technology play a role in it?

Well, when skills become transferrable instantly between individuals, we'll need a way to ensure that the data that's being transferred is as real/authentic/true as possible. We'll need a reliable network (a la "The Matrix") to trust that what is being sent between Alice and Bob is indeed between them two only, and free of interference or corruption.

This is why the fight for a single, global blockchain is such a big deal. Whichever blockchain the world ends up settling on - and it will need to be one if it is to work - then that will become our new "source of truth."

On a much deeper level, I've spoken about how Bitcoin is in line with the new energies of the Age of Aquarius. Regardless of whether you believe in such influences, what this means is that there is going to be more of a focus on macro themes like truth, justice, equality, and individual freedom.

You're probably already seeing the above themes play out on a global stage, clashing directly with the status quo from the Age of Pisces (~0-2,000 AD).

But with blockchain technology (and specific implementations like the original Bitcoin), it will need to be scaleable, low-fee, and trustworthy (provable). This exists today, but the politics around various blockchains are still being ironed out. As per usual, technology advances quickly, but human beings are slow to adapt/understand.

In the future, Kung-Fu skills won't be the only things transferrable. Emotional skills may also be transferrable. Imagine that?

If you could transfer any skill from another person, what would you transfer over and why? When it comes to business, which skills would you want to transfer to yourself the most?



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