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Yijala Yala’s “Love Punks” Web Game

[info]If you wish to play the game, click here.[/info]

The Yijala Yala Project is a long-term, inter-generational cultural arts project based in the Pilbara region of Western Australia. The project seeks to highlight cultural heritage as living, continually evolving and in the here and now, rather than of the past, and works with community members to create content and develop skills that assist in communicating their cultural heritage to a wide audience.

Yijala Yala’s Love Punks game is a great use of animation, web and interactive technologies for a social cause.

This just goes to show the potential for utilizing your animation skills on the web, especially for something like indigenous stories (my passion!). It’s also beautiful to see this sort of fuse between indigenous and “Mad Max” artistic styles.

The animation in the game is fairly straight-forward, but it’s interesting enough to keep you moving. It sort of reminds me of the Mortal Kombat animation from back in the day (anyone remember Motaro?):

The Love Punks comic is also set to be released on the iPad. Awesome!

What do you think of the game? What do you think of the animation?

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