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  • George Samuels

Why UTXO Will Give Future Communities An Advantage

In Issue #064 of my newsletter, I mentioned UTXO vs. Account-based models.

If you want to learn a bit more about the differences, see the video below first:

When you think about Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, it helps to think of a ledger or audit book. The innovation of Bitcoin came (in my opinion) from its ability to handle online transactions better than today's systems.

And a lot of that is influenced by this UTXO concept.

Since "money makes the world go round" in today's society, ensuring that money management can be made more honest (i.e., people find it harder to "fudge" books or use things like creative accounting), then you encourage more honest behavior within communities themselves.

This is why I'm passionate about the intersection of culture, community, and blockchain technology.