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The Role of Women In Healing Our Global Story

Women, and those who can think like women, will have a huge role to play in the future of our planet. From the way we refer to the Earth as Mother Earth, to the countless stories of mothers who have raised mighty male leaders, our histories are filled with stories of strong women.

Yet, we still have a long way to go in recognizing this as a society. As I’ve talked to more and more women, I’ve realized just how true this is.

Luckily for me, I’ve had lots of training growing up in a household of women. I’m unashamed to say that I’m probably more in tune with women, than I am with men, when it comes to general dispositions.

As perhaps a natural result of my work with the indigenous, in cultural animation, women and children have been the most active and receptive in making changes. I’ve come across several films and books that have been quite pivotal in supporting what I’ve experienced on the “ground”, which I’d like to share with you.

The She Spot

It was great, nonetheless, to see some grounded evidence to what I felt intuitively from just working on the ground.


I’ve yet to see this film, Mother, since I was only made aware of it on the night this article was incepted, but the trailer (included above) confirms a lot of what I’m talking about here.

Women are rising up and bringing lots of change.

In some ways, you could tie this into the many other areas and prophecies, from the arrival of the Aquarian Age in Astrology, to the reunification of the Eagle & Condor in Native American prophecies. Whatever the lens you look through, the feminine energies of love, creativity, collectiveness, collaboration, care, etc. are wanting to be heard and felt in the world.

The Athena Doctrine

Athena Doctrine is another book that covers how the future will be shaped by women, and those who think like them. It presents compelling evidence and facts to support that economies will crumble or prosper by their ability to move into the feminine energies, as opposed to being stuck in the masculine. This is not to be confused with separating out sexes, it is energetic. Male and female energies are present in both men and women.

So how does this heal anything?

For centuries, women have been subjugated to male-dominated laws and patriarchal systems. The stories we’ve collected about women is that they are generally weak, need to be saved (princess in the tower), and shouldn’t speak unless given permission. Remnants of this stance is found in many different cultures around the world.

Slowly, though, we are seeing women rise up.

We are seeing animated films come out with strong heroines (like Pixar’s Brave or The Hunger Games) and social ventures thrive through the “wisdom of the crowd”.

With new role models, come new stories. And with new stories, comes a chance to heal some of the damage done through the centuries.

Storytelling is a powerful form. From the stories we tell others, to the stories we tell ourselves. And underneath each story is the potential to heal someone else’s story.

By creating a new story about women, we can help bring the masculine and feminine energies back into balance (for, if anyone’s noticed, things have certainly been one-sided). When we achieve this, we will know it, because our planet will reflect it.

As for the men, don’t despair. Our roles will change in all this, but if we trust a bit in our Mother, we will find our place in the new story as well.

We will not lose power, but understand a new form, because everything is connected.

Women, what are your views on this subject? Comment below.

The above (edited) featured image is courtesy of Flickr user bewilder2009 under the Creative Commons license.