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  • George Samuels

The Future of “Instaparency”

I recently had a conversation with someone (who I'll keep private for now) around future potentialities.

In this conversation, we talked about Conversations With God, a book series written by Neal Donald Walsh more than a decade ago.

In it, this person reminded me, was an excerpt about the future that described a money system akin to Bitcoin.

'Instaparency' is a word Donald used to describe a future whereby cosmology and technology come together.

Neal describes it much better:

Life will be instant. Instant awareness. Instant communication. Instant decisions. Everything instant. The second word I think of is “transparent.” Life will be transparent. Transparent social interchange, transparent financial and business dealings, transparent political processes. Everything transparent.

“Instaparency” is being produced by a technology which has reduced the time span between our exposure to new ideas to nano-seconds, and a cosmology which was moved hidden social agendas, under-the-table business dealings, and back-room politics outside the mainstream of contemporary thought regarding appropriate human interaction. Where once they were derigeur, now they are, at best, passé.Everyone in the future will be able to instantly know everything. Just about anything we wish to know will be available to us at the push of a button. How much does the boss earn? What were my firm’s financials last month? Has my new boyfriend ever been married before? Is he married now? What is the military budget of the government of any country, and where are their military resources deployed? Anything. We’ll be able to find out just about anything. And very little will happen in the world that will not be communicated to us. Immediately. We’ll know what’s happening in the four corners of the world, and in the farthest outposts of civilization, both here…and off the planet.This quality of instaparency will bring us together as nothing has ever done in the history of the human race. It will cause us to be aware of the commonality of our experience, and it will give us the tools with which to respond in common to that experience with all the power that unified action involving millions can create. No longer, for instance, will maniacal despots in the governments of tiny countries (or of large ones) be able to rob and steal, jail and kill, and call it “an internal matter.” The world community will — as it does today — know of every action, every decision, every repression, but, more importantly, it will be able to bring instant social, political and economic pressure to bear in that situation.

By the middle of the century that time span could be reduced to ten months, ten days—or ten minutes.

And this got me thinking.

Right now, modern society has a tough time dealing with the idea of all our business being aired “openly”.

Privacy is a hallmark of being civilized.

However, technologies like Bitcoin (not BTC) are finding a way to provide transparency, while also protecting privacy.

In the future, this is going to matter, as it is a reconcilable paradox: open while still being private, decentralized (in security) while centralized (as a single, scaleable blockchain).

What do you think about the idea of instaparency?