• George Samuels

Storyboards for Te Lima

Storyboards are an essential part of a film’s (whether short or feature) pre-production stage. The storyboard lays the foundation for conveying your story, which may include potential visual styles, movement, sound descriptions, camera angles or composition (or the setting up of shots).

Some find composition intuitive, while others counter-intuitive. In my experience, composition has always been a challenge. To tackle this, I took out some old anime, TV series, and films, and studied their wide range of compositions. During the first semester of my Master’s program, I created a short film called Te Lima. Below, you will find a series of images that make up the storyboard to the film:

Panel 1


Panel 2


Panel 3


Panel 4


I drew inspiration from shows such as Naruto, Avatar: The Last Airbender, and an old game called The Neverhood. I then tried to infuse some Polynesian backgrounds to make the design more “authentic.” Whether I achieved this or not is up to you, but I hope you like it!

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