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  • George Samuels

"Satoshi" Is Very Much Alive, But The Mythology Is Stronger

Few people know the real story behind Satoshi Nakamoto and what went into securing Bitcoin.

I don’t often talk about it because there’s so much noise in the market, but I’m compelled to at least share a bit.

The below fills some holes for those who are open to it. The creator of Bitcoin is very much alive, but the mythology has taken on its own life (for better or worse). Please read the below before reading the rest of this article:

This is why I take a contrarian view to the entire #blockchain#crypto space.

One - we should never make technology our "God".

Two - Bitcoin alone may have brought a few in the world overnight riches, but it will never bring true and lasting wealth unless applied (used).

My stance on #Bitcoin is that it is much more than currency. It is a system. While everyone has focused on the token (BTC), they’ve neglected its true power as a commodity. Think of it as the paper on which fiat currencies are printed. In one form, yes, it can be cash. But in other forms, it can be newsletters, serviettes, or even the Declaration of Independence.

Now translate that into the virtual world as data.

This is why I stopped supporting ICOs in 2018. This is why I stopped supporting DeFi, private blockchains, and even crypto. Bitcoin isn’t even a cryptocurrency once you start to understand it as more than cash.

In the future, I see Bitcoin being as ubiquitous as the Internet. I see national currencies still existing, but many operating on top of Bitcoin (remember the analogy of Bitcoin being the PAPER). I see Bitcoin enabling new markets we can’t even imagine yet.

But at its core, it leaves a trail to encourage more honesty, but never completely removing the bad actors of the world (just diminishing their power). The journey is a long one for Bitcoin’s creator, but I will be here to support, regardless of popular sentiment.

Through patience and persistence, #itwillcome ✌️