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  • George Samuels

Return of the Ancestors

I have mentioned before that there will be a return of our ancestors, in the form of ancient wisdom, but with new perspectives.

There are secret societies, conspiracy theories and much philosophical debate about the validity of it all. However, the indigenous, our much neglected and negated of all peoples, have kept to the Source since the beginning. These “Savages,” as colloquially used during their early oppressions, have managed to survive despite all odds. Their resilience is testament to the Great Spirit they keep so closely bound to. Like Mother Nature herself, even when all hope seems lost, her true nature sprouts from beneath the ashes.

In keeping to their culture, myths and legends, the indigenous have kept a vital Source of wisdom for us to come back to. It’s almost as if they knew we would need it, despite having traveled so far from home. Like patient, wise parents, they’ve endured a lot to ensure the safekeeping and guardianship of knowledge that we so desperately need now. We can create new technologies and ways to “advance” ourselves physically, but if these same technologies are not used wisely or made in harmony with Nature and the Universe, then we run the risk of delaying or setting back our own learnings and understandings.

This also reminds me of the story of Atlantis. Now, many know about Atlantis, but not very many know about Lemuria. If we were to compare these ancients lands and peoples to today, we could represent Atlantis as the United States, and the South Pacific nations along the Ring of Fire as Lemuria. If you go through the ancient histories of indigenous peoples within these areas, you’ll find a lot of similarities in language, features and beliefs. But we’ll get to that another day.

In the story of Atlantis, the continent was at the peak of its power – but they had made technology their God. As a result, they were using technology to try and control Her, as opposed to work with Her. The people of Lemuria were Guided to travel to Atlantis, and warn them of the path they were traveling. They spoke out about the importance of respecting Mother Earth and bringing everyone back to the Source of all creation. Unfortunately, the Atlantean leaders did not listen. Although the Lemurians were able to inspire people to make changes, Mother Nature came and wiped everyone out. Clean slate, gone.

There are stories that this is where our Biblical stories take some accounts from, around the story of Noah and his Arc. Many indigenous stories have similar records in their own tellings. Many civilizations have risen and fallen, only to be wiped away when they abused their power. Is there a lesson there?

Could our ancestor’s stories hold the key to our survival as we enter a new period of human evolution? Could they hold the secrets to our ailing problems? I believe so. And this is why my work in animating such stories is of such importance. With each Elder that passes, we lose an encyclopedia of wisdom. There are warriors on the front lines working diligently to preserve such stories, but the next step is to translate that into a language that digital natives resonate with – animation.

Animating such stories also allows us to respect the traditions and taboos of peoples (e.g. some Aboriginal clans are not allowed to depict the images or names of the deceased). It allows us to expand the imagination into realms restricted by film alone.

Indigenous myths and legends are out of this world, but are vital as such to keep the stories alive. It is scientifically proven that when we use creative or imaginative ways to remember facts, we’re much more likely to remember them in the long-run. This is why methods such as cramming and memorizing are short-lived techniques for acquiring knowledge. And when you add storytelling to the learning process, your ability to remember things increases exponentially. True storytelling is about turning knowledge into wisdom, and what better way than through the creative forces of the mind?