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LeSean Thomas Storyboards from Legend of Korra

LeSean Thomas, A South Bronx NYC native, is an American Television Animation Producer, animator, illustrator, comic book artist, writer, character designer from Los Angeles. He’s an inspiration to a lot of “colored brothers” in a market that’s predominantly Caucasian or Asian. At the end of the day, regardless of race or creed, you just got to have skill.

The below was taken straight from LeSean Thomas’ Deviant Art page that features his ROUGH STORYBOARDS from Legend of Korra:

During my stay at STUDIO MIR in Seoul, South Korea, i was working as part of the core story team on Nickelodeon’s hit series The Legend of Korra. Above are a couple collections of ROUGH STORYBOARDS I did from my ACT 1 section from episode 2 “A LEAF IN THE WIND.” Rough Storyboards are the first pass the artist gets to make from the script. We have 2 weeks to direct our sections and turn around our act which is about 10-14 pages of script, normally. Once reviewed by the directors, notes, changes and improvements are given. We are then to apply those notes within another two weeks as we CLEAN UP for final boards/animatics.

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