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How To Get Inspiration for Building Your Own WordPress Design

I. Understand the Basics of HTML/CSS

If you’re looking to build your own WordPress theme, you’ll need to make sure you’re efficient in some basic coding (HTML/CSS). If you wish to learn coding quickly, and efficiently, I highly recommend HTML Dog. It’s so good that I still use it as a reference from time-to-time.

II. Constantly Research

I’m always on the prowl for inspiration and most often Google in “best css wordpress web design.” There are so many websites out there but it’s important that you go through as many as you can.

Some of my inspiration comes from sites like BestWebGallery, CSSElite and designiskinky.

III. Bookmark or RSS Your Finds

Only do so for the ones you like, though. This serves as a backup for whenever you have “designer’s block” (yes, it happens). Just browse through your favorite hubs and, wallah, more often than not, something will kick-in in the left hemisphere.

My tools of choice (for bookmarking) are Diigo and Firefox’s Xmarks add-on.

IV. Utilize Pre-made Themes

This is a great place to start. Instead of re-inventing the wheel, grab some themes that have already been made. Try simple ones that allow for more flexibility. This allows you to fiddle with the CSS as much as you like, in order to get your desired look. If you have some money to spend, or know a bit more coding, try messing around with premium themes or some more advanced layouts.

I used Thesis as a basis for this blog’s design, simply because it provides the most versatility, and functionality, against its rival frameworks.

That’s all for now! Hope these tips have helped but, if not, please feel free to post some of your own. Happy web-designing!

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