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  • George Samuels

How To Get Community Analytics On Your Facebook Groups

Recently I wanted to know how to get stats on my private Facebook groups, similar to Facebook pages, so I could see just how well I was doing with my community building efforts. 

Thankfully, after a bit of research, I stumbled upon Sociograph.

At first, I was unable to generate reports because my Facebook groups were set to Closed. In order for their reports to function, you need to make sure that the groups are either Public or Secret. So I changed my groups to Secret.

The groups I wanted to learn more about were the following of mine:

Cultural Animators


Tales From Nanumea


Both of these groups felt like they were growing considerably over the past couple months, and it looks like the stats confirmed it.

After I discovered this, I posted the tool over at CMX Club on Facebook (one of the best communities for community managers). Looks like they had a lot of fun digging into their own stats too!

But there you have it, how to gather community analytics on your Facebook groups (just when you thought you couldn’t). Can’t believe even the best of us weren’t even looking at this sort of data!

Know some other tools? Post them below.