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  • George Samuels

How Medicine Wheels Can Help Entrepreneurs

Updated: Jun 1, 2022

For many entrepreneurs, the drive for success can sometimes feel like a lonely path. Depression, anxiety and stress are all areas that impact upon emotional and spiritual aspects of ourselves, yet, very few speak up enough about it.

The Native American Medicine Wheel is a simple, yet significant symbol. In it, lies a plethora of hidden wisdom, pathways and healing. For those who continued reading this blog over the years, you will know how passionate I am about indigenous wisdom and re-integrating the old in new ways.

Before we continue on, though, please watch the video(s) below.

Using the Medicine Wheel as a frame of reference, it may be easy to see how and why entrepreneurs experience the imbalances that they do during their journey(s).

Putting Ourselves At The Center

When focus is put on mental and physical aspects of reality, emotional and spiritual aspects are neglected and thus put out of balance.

In modern Western society, we look upon others to heal us in spiritual (clergymen), mental (physcologists/teachers), physical (doctors/physicians) and emotional (friends/family) areas of our lives.

This is perceived as an externally directed codependency.

However, in Eastern belief systems, the individual is at the center of their own healing, and thus are responsible for their own well-being all four planes.

This is perceived as an internally directed relationship.

Finding One’s Self

Therefore, when an entrepreneur looks towards money, “success”, and looking good (all external things), they can then start to feel like something is missing emotionally or spiritually.

This usually results in a mid or quarter-life crisis where they ask themselves the question, “What is the point of this all? I need to find myself.”

The part of us which feels abandoned or out of balance, pushes one into a state of shock and, if heeded, will help bring the individual back into harmony.

Depression and loneliness is somewhat of an irony in Western society, considering just how “connected” we’ve strived to become in terms of technology and providing greater/faster access to each other across the globe.

The Sacredness of Enterprise

However, because we have neglected the “sacred” aspects of our planet and relationships, the spiritual/emotional, we continue to push ourselves more and more out of balance with the natural order of things.

And, when I say “natural order”, I refer to the instructions to harmony left to us by our ancestors and Elders.

There is something latent within the wisdom of the ancients. To the generations of old.

Although it can be tempting to get distracted by all the new and shiny inventions and innovations of today, I believe there is still a place for the wisdom of our ancestors (especially indigenous).

The indigenous hold the key to right living in today’s world.

This does not mean we have to revert back to living in the wild, throwing away all that we have, or even taking up a vow of “poverty”.

What it does mean is that we remember what got us to where we are today.

The elements that caused us to live in harmony with nature in the past, can be applied to the tools, technologies and environment we have now.

Filling The “Void”

Entrepreneurs and intelligent men and woman are driving the technological advances of today, but if we do not remember the emotional and spiritual nodes that help us stay in balance, our tools and technologies will fill the natural void for us.

This could potentially remove us further and further from the truth of ourselves – that, although we are at the center of our Universes and responsible for own healing, we have a responsibility to others to keep ourselves in check.


Because our Universe is circular and eternal, so whatever we do to ourselves, we do to others.

And whatever we don’t do for ourselves, we also don’t do for others.

As mentioned in the videos above, perhaps the reason why sports is so popular amongst men is because it is the one area where men get to be openly emotional and “spiritual” (e.g. Team Spirit) in today’s society.

Mental and physical toughness, backed by a strong need for spiritual and emotional bond.

So, entrepreneurs, will you continue to look solely at the physical and mental elements of your Universe as you go about “changing the world”?

Or will you acknowledge the emotional and spiritual aspects of your Self, to help harmonize the world for future generations? What say you?