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  • George Samuels

How I Made $325 From A Crazy Idea In 2 Hours On Facebook

On August 16, 2013, I hopped onto my usual train back home. As I was listening to an audio-book, out of nowhere, an idea popped into my head to create animated visualizations based on people’s goals. So I put the idea up on Facebook straight away to see if it would stick.

What happened next amazed me.

In just 2 hours (the length it takes for me to train back home), here’s what entered my Paypal account by the end of it:

This was just from a single idea in my head. Didn’t show anything at all. No work, no site, no portfolio. Just a little bit of copywriting knowledge (thanks to folks like AppSumo’s Noah Kagan) and conquering my fear of having to have everything “perfect.”

When validating an idea (like the one above), it’s important to just get stuff out, then refine over time.

“Animation can achieve whatever the mind of man can conceive.” ~Walt Disney

I think what was most special about this little experiment was the generosity.

I didn’t put a price tag on the idea or service, so the onus was on the customer to contribute what they thought the service was worth to them. Having a bit of rapport with the network I shared the idea with, certainly helped.

As part of my job as Community Manager while I was at Hub Melbourne, I listened to the struggles of aspiring entrepreneurs day in and day out. It amazes me when I hear people who have spent thousands of dollars without validating their ideas, or even getting a single dollar in their hands for it.

The ability to sell an idea, and get paid for it before it’s created, is a valuable skillset. If you can learn to do this, you can save yourself lots of wasted time and effort!

So don’t worry about fancy tools, having a website, or even being first on Google. When starting out, just get stuff out and learn to fail fast.

The sharing economy of today means that it’s not those with the best ideas, but those who can execute on them the quickest that will succeed.

Now go out and apply this for an idea of your own – if I can do it, so can you!

And if you want a copy of the featured template in the video, just click the button below: