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  • George Samuels

How 2D Animation Helps Web & Business

When I looked this topic up on Google, I realized no one had any articles to answer the question. This was a shocker! And since my goal is to find harmony and balance in all that I do, I thought I’d give myself a mission to figure out how exactly animation aids web-design. This seems like an untapped niche (for now). I’ve noticed a couple websites host animated Youtube videos, explaining their products and services, but how else does animation aid a site? Is it more than just the quirky doodles, or the simple, subtle transition effects for drop-downs and jQuery sliders? Let’s explore.

“Feature Benefit” and “Demo Videos”

A recent trend I’ve noticed is the use of animated “feature benefits,” or “demo videos,” for sites such Google, Facebook, Posterous, Zendesk and many more. They could have used real people, or actors, but they decided to use animation.




Grumo Media

A noteworthy mention is Miguel Hernandez of Grumo Media. As a result of a shout-out by Ashton Kutcher, he’s now becoming the go-to guy for animated demo videos. He attracts a lot of attention due to his funny, quirky videos,  which he likes to aptly call grumos. I think he’s a great starting point for traditional animators looking to bring their skills directly onto the front page of websites. In fact, according to the Australian Interactive Media Industry Associate (AIMIA), “Coding, animation, CSS3 and video editing are skills designers want to develop in 2012.” There’s also rumors (which I will confirm!) that animated videos help retain customer retention rates by about 50%, which isn’t that hard to believe because the combination of sound and visuals is a basis for mnemonics:

Commonly encountered mnemonics are often verbal, such as a very short poem or a special word used to help a person remember something, particularly lists, but a mnemonic may instead be visual, kinesthetic or auditory. Mnemonics rely on associations between easy-to-remember constructs which can be related back to the data that are to be remembered.

So, if you want to jump on the band-wagon before the others, Miguel actually has a nicely packaged course up at udemy called How To Create Awesome Demo Videos. I bought the course and am certainly learning a lot – especially because a lot of the pointers he provides are things I learned back at university, so I can see the correlation. If you’re serious about applying your animation skills on the web, I suggest you buy his course! You’ll see some animated “demo videos” from me soon.

Stay tuned for the next article…