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  • George Samuels

Focused On Fundamentals: Micropayments

For anyone involved in crypto. You may be witnessing a larger-than-average decline in BTC right now.

I will probably get hate from crypto advocates for saying what I'm about to.

But if you've been following my journey, you'll know that I've been a proponent of Bitcoin from as far back as 2013, and even participated in the crypto craze of 2017/18.

I've watched Bitcoin split from BTC to BCH to BSV. And I've seen the crypto "market" degenerate into one large casino operation.

As a result, I am now laser-focused on one blockchain, which is optimized for micropayments.

The reason for this is simple: fundamentals.

A 30-Year Horizon

There are many who've made some sweet gains from the #crypto craze of the last decade. Even myself. However, I've personally been attuning to a 30-year window.


Because most truly large innovations take around this much time. BTC took the brand of Bitcoin, but it left out the fundamentals: micro-payments.

Instead, BTC opted for "digital gold." To forget those who live on less than $2 a day. If this important, yet highly overlooked aspect gets ignored, much of the "innovation" we're seeing will just be a duplicate of what we have in what industry folks call #Web2 (but with fancy new jargon).

Most people in crypto won't care about micro-payments, but it's still an untapped area.

We are about 10-15 years in the 30-year window I mentioned. So half way there.

All the con-artists and manipulators can only scam for so long before the truth reveals itself. And we are seeing this currently occur within stable-coins (e.g. UST/LUNA), crypto lenders (Celsius), and will probably see it eventually on popular blockchains themselves (e.g. BTC/ETH).

Study The Past

Some think that this "trillion dollar industry" is too big to fail now, but it is far from the truth. Just look into the stories of DigiCash, eGold, and Mojo Nation.

Similar times have occurred before, so much can be learned from the past.

But few want to - only "price go up" until real consequences occur like loan defaults, bankruptcy, or (God forbid) suicide. And trust me, these things have already occurred in recent weeks due to the LUNA/UST fiasco.

With Ethereum suffering from high gas fees, BTC suffering from limited blocks, and more recently Solana suffering from frequent outages, it's only a matter of time before the extent of all the manipulation and greed bears fruit.

And so, for those participating, be vigilant. Do your own research. Don't go for "quick money." And only 'invest' what you're willing to lose, otherwise, you're essentially gambling.

PS. If BTC falls below ~$21K now, get ready for some more serious plunges across the board. The Great Reset is needed.