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  • George Samuels

Finding A Mentor – Resources & Networks

Ever wish you had Obi Wan Kanobi to guide you through life? Throughout our lives, mentors may come in various shapes and sizes. However, typically, when we leave school or embark on our journey into the “real world”, we find just how hard it is to call upon such figures.

Very few people can say that they have an official mentor in their field of practice. The  more people I talk to, the more I realize just how true this is. In this series, I’m going to go over some of the ways I’ve gone about finding myself mentors. If you’re lucky, I’ll even introduce you to the industry mentors I’ve managed to pickup through persistence, fearlessness and clarity of purpose! Here’s an outline of what’s to come:

  1. Resources & Networks

  2. Will & Thought

  3. Interviews

  4. The Power of Asking

But, let’s not delay, here’s a list of a couple resources and networks I’ve found helpful.


[image icon=”link” size=”large” width=”630″ autoHeight=”true” link=”” quality=”100″][/image]

This was recommended by one of my mentors, Miguel Hernandez, CEO of Grumo Media (hope you’re okay with the mention Miguel hehe). This online app essentially lets you call well-known people (for a price). The money will either go to them or a charity of their choosing. Once you set yourself up, you can then even share your wisdom with others who are looking for mentors as well. Just set your price and away you go!

Startup Plays

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I only came across this recently, but they seem to provide access to a global network of mentors, founders and startups for a monthly fee. They’re currently accepting requests for invites for beta access. If you have a good idea, I’m sure they’ll give access.

Key Person of Influence

I joined this movement at a time where I didn’t really have the means to. How you ask? By following my heart and connecting with the genuine creators of the company. There are gazillions of people out there looking to make bucket loads of money by ripping you off, not Key Person of Influence (a.k.a KPI). Let me explain.

I first heard about KPI from an ebook an ex-coworker passed on to me. I blazed through it within a couple days because the content just “spoke” to me. Next thing I knew, I was sitting down at a cafe, talking to one of the  head guys of the company. I told him my idea, and expressed how passionate I was, and he then evaluated whether I was a fit for the program or not (which is a good thing because it shows integrity from their part). I was deemed worthy. The next problem, however, was finding the means to join their 30-week program…

Stay tuned for the next article to hear about how the universe conspired to help me with the next phase of my journey!