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E09: Interview with Tyler Wellensiek of State Library of Queensland

Today we sit down with Tyler Wellensiek of the State Library of Queensland. Tyler and I first met in Melbourne at the Puliima conference – a language and technology forum for the indigenous – thanks to a mutual acquaintance.

In this interview, Tyler goes over:

  1. Some of the work he’s doing with the indigenous people of Cape York and the Torres Strait

  2. His background in advertising and marketing and how that’s helped with his work

  3. How the State Library of QLD deals with issues around Intellectual Property (IP)

  4. How to go about raising funds for indigenous-based content

  5. Involving communities

  6. Advice for folks who are looking to produce cultural animations of their own, especially indigenous content creators

If you’d like to learn more about the animations featured in the interview, or even purchase a copy, feel free to click here. You can also learn more about their Culture Love program by clicking here.

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