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E02: Interview with Veteran Animator & Author Fraser MacLean

In this interview, veteran animator, Fraser MacLean, shares his wisdom on being in the film and animation industries for the last few decades.

Fraser worked on iconic films such as Who Framed Roger Rabbit (1988), Space Jam (1996) and Disney’s Tarzan (1999). He also worked for studios such as Disney UK, Sands Films, Passion Pictures, Telemagination, and Warner Brothers. He has a unique blend of both technical and artistic know-how, which becomes clearly evident the more you listen to him. Although he may not admit it, he is a well of knowledge and truly deserves the title of “Elder” for the animation community.

09:00 Who Framed Roger Rabbit 10:27 Developing a style of your own 13:15 The start of my layout awareness 15:00 Space Jam & Disney’s Tarzan 22:10 Planning, patience & digital toolkits 24:10 “Art Of” Books and Chronicle Publishing 31:00 Importance of Drawing 36:00 Indigenous cultures 42:00 Attention spans and storytelling


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