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  • George Samuels

Cultural Animation & The Celestine Prophecy

The Celestine Prophecy, a book by James Redfield, shares some great overlaps with the 5 Elements of Cultural Animation. Exploring shared topics helps to cement the importance of Cultural Animation.

It’s hard to believe that I’ve only just come acrossThe Celestine Prophecy, especially since the book has been around for a couple decades, but everything happens for a reason. Tonight I watched the film, and here’s a quote that initially caught my eye:

The Manuscript predicts that once we reach [this] critical mass, the entire culture will have to take these coincidental experiences seriously.

This line is related to Element #5 of 5 Elements of Cultural Animation – Sacredness – which describes the importance of symbols and seeing everything as “connected.”

There is inherent magic in this sort of work. Even fiction, which the movie/book is categorized as, is based on some degree of Truth. What I got from the film is that our intuition is always picking up on “signs”, but our rational minds suppress that due to fears, insecurities or conditioning.

I believe cultural change (affecting the hearts and minds) is imminent, and is far more important than social change (which affects activities and behavior). Cultural Animation is an attempt to aid this cultural change.

One of the other things that resonated with me from the film was the 9 insights. Everything described – from the awareness of synchronicity to the visions of the “real world” – is stuff I’ve personally experienced over the last decade. My whole push for “Cultural Animation” is part of what I feel is my mission – to help bring people together and simultaneously “wake” others up to the deep spirituality that lies dormant within all of us.

I am one of those who believe in a highly spiritual future for humanity. That’s not to say that rationality or technology won’t have its place, but I believe “true” spirituality will transcend religious dogma and bring back the essence of what religion was intended for: faith and belief (not power or control).

Cultural Animation is my Way of bringing back the wisdom of old myths, legends and prophecies, so that others can start coming together to build energy around this new future of ours. Highlighting the various stories from different cultures allows us to mould a new culture – a “third culture” – that I had a glimpse of growing up.

According to Redfield, as we embrace “Authentic Spirituality,” we are integrating all the different points of view into one common experience.” This essentially what I aim to do with Cultural Animation – show all the different points of views, from different cultures, and then get people to witness these animations and share with each other their experiences.

This new culture will continue to take shape as we become more and more aware of the wisdom our ancestors left for us, but only now are coming to understand and appreciate. Global cultural transformation is happening, and I hope Cultural Animation can aid with the transition.

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