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  • George Samuels

Community-Driven Development: The Future of Organizations & Corporations

There’s a current trend in the land of “Web 3.0” (a fancy title for developments across blockchain, crypto, DAOs, and more), which involves talks around the importance of community.

I’ve been talking about the importance of community for years. “Community” is something that was once referred to in local, physical places.

But with the rise in online communities, it is now being used interchangeably to describe marketing to audiences, networks, and even employee populations.

Fellow community professional, Rachel Happe of Community Roundtable, has mentioned this as far back as 2014:


So it’s no surprise, that in 2021, younger generations are starting to see the appeal of “community” in the context of professional management and emerging technologies.

The reason for this is simple: as new markets emerge online, and trust of information falls, a sense of community helps build trust between peers.

Because blockchain, crypto, and even DAOs, are all about trust (people-wise) in the form of trustlessness (permission-wise), this experimentation naturally leads itself into the workplace.

And as more and more companies make the move to fully remote, experts in online community management will have invaluable skills to complement the new virtual office, project, or product managers.

We are already seeing this with widespread adoption of tools like Slack (chat-based workflows) in the workplace, Discord for crypto communities, and Telegram for privacy-focused groups.

If you’d like learn more about blockchain trends and community management, check out my following presentation from Swarm Conference 2021: