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Blockchain, Geopolitics & the Pacific Region

A part of the world that's often overlooked, but influences dynamics between two of the world's major superpowers - China and the US - is the Pacific region.

And things have been heating up as China, which continues to increase influence over various South Pacific nations, caused a stir when it visited Samoa during May, 2022. Even though the meeting was for a simple formal project signing.

Samoa's new Prime Minister, Fiamē Naomi Mata’afa, believes that "Pacific countries need to stand together as a region to protect from the current geopolitics and power play."

And I would agree.

If the Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat (PIF) fail to maintain harmony and cooperation amongst its members, it will make it easier for other larger powers to use small nations as their puppets.

This is actually why I advocate for the implementation of public #blockchain technology sooner rather than later. It's a way of preparing for the future, in case a nation like China embeds itself deep into local cybersecurity efforts.

It's only a matter of time.

Originally published on LinkedIn