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  • George Samuels

Battle of Two Wolves

Choosing the right wolf to feed so you can tell a better story

There is an ancient Cherokee legend about two wolves that battle for our attention within each of us. This article will delve into how the two wolves affect our personal stories.

I recently watched a video called Rich Brother, Rich Sister. It was an interesting moment to see how two siblings chose two seemingly separate paths, even though they were brought up in the same household and culture.

As someone who comes from a family that has experienced extreme highs and lows, there’s been this growing contradiction of thought patterns. I will use the story of the two wolves to explain the conflict between those who want money but are subconsciously afraid of it.

On one side, there’s a wolf who believes that money is dangerous and is afraid of accumulating too much of it out of fear of breaking up families, relationships, and lives (as experienced in his own childhood). It seems to have been reinforced through conditioning and culture.

On the other side, there’s a confident wolf. One who knows that money is but a tool to do other things, not the end all. One that always gets back up when knocked down. One who knows that if you fear money, you will constantly push it away from you without even realizing it.

This wolf knows that it is not money that corrupts, but what you choose to do with money.

“Money became my indicator. If I was doing good, money poured in. If I was being greedy, money stopped coming. “ ~Robert Kiyosaki

So how do you know which will win?

According to the legend, the one you feed. That’s right. Whichever wolf (think of them as your thoughts) you choose to focus on and feed, will determine whether that wolf’s traits come out in you or not. If the story of your life seems not of your choosing, look deeper, and you will find it is because you were feeding the “other” wolf unknowingly.

Do not fear that wolf, though, because both play a part in the story that is your life. They provide lessons.

Can you see now how the thoughts we focus on, dictated by the wolves in each of us, affect our outer reality? The two wolves are always fighting for our attention, but are two sides of the same coin. They are both parts of us. What determines which wolf’s story, or journey you live out, is which wolf you choose to feed.

Which wolf have you been feeding?