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Animation Skills Demand Rising

The year of 2012 is seeing a rise in the demand for animation skills on the web. As video usage and sharing increases, and barriers to producing video content diminish, the web holds great potential for both animators and businesses.

Most people, when they think about animation, conjure up images from films by Disney, Pixar or Dreamworks. However, with the rise in online video and cheaper technology, story-driven 2D animation is now making its way to many websites.

But why would you want that sort of animation on your website?

Well, for starters, I’ve been keeping track of the stats, and the demand in animation skills is rising. Over the past 90 days, 77% more animation job ads were seen online than in 2011.

Some of the skills these candidates were required to have included:

  1. Adobe Photoshop, Dreamweaver and InDesign

  2. Motion graphics

  3. Microsoft PowerPoint, Office

  4. HTML/CSS/JavaScript

  5. Oracle Java

Now, those don’t look like skill-sets for your traditional animator? Why’s that?

Well, that’s because 2D animation is now finally making its way on the web, and businesses are recognizing it. Animation has always been around, but not the type that could truly engage and entertain for businesses. The storytelling aspect of animation was still finding its home on the web.

Key players like Google and Amazon have already picked up on this. Google had been experimenting with web-based animation (so I’m talking about non-Flash animation) for quite some time now, and this one took the cake for me:

The above video was all done without the use of Flash, told a story, highlighted the brand, and certainly entertained within a short period of time.

Amazon also recently launched a studio to finance the best animation series ideas for the web.

Just to show you how serious it’s getting, listen to this,

“If Amazon chooses to distribute a full-budget series, the project creator will collect a $55,000 (U.S.) payment up front and up to 5% of Amazon’s net receipts from toy and t-shirt licensing, other royalties and bonuses.”

That’s some serious mullah O_O.

If the “big guys” are starting to take notice, why shouldn’t you?

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