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My story

I'm Fijian-Indian, Tuvaluan-Samoan, an Australian citizen, and went to an American international school in Bangladesh during my formative years. 


My career journey is just as diverse as my heritage: I started out aspiring to be a digital animator, but my first job resulted as a front-end developer. I then went on into sales, marketing, operations, community management, and finally, entrepreneurship. As a result of all these fields, it helped me get a good overview of what it takes to go from freelancer to startup to SME to enterprise.

I'm known for facilitating the first deal resulting in the Government of Tuvalu exploring the world's first national digital ledger and infrastructure project using a Proof-of-Work blockchain. It was the first UN-stead nation to fully consider such infrastructure for its digital transformation efforts. 

Another career highlight was winning a global pitching competition in front of billionaire Tim Draper, amongst 80 startups from around the world, resulting in my first seed investment for Honā.

Advocating for People & Tech

My skills with people have been a valuable asset within tech organizations. As my passion for community-building grew, and my ability to adopt new tools or technologies accelerated, I realized there were ever-widening gaps between the general population and emerging technologies.


As such, my role within companies started to specialize in quickly learning new tools, integrating them into teams, and then rolling them out organization (or community) wide. I merged and improved upon my skills in communications, negotiations, executive buy-in, corporate governance, pitching, organizational development, advocacy, and change management.


This eventually led me to helping Slack, a popular productivity tool that was acquired by Salesforce for a record $27.7 billion, land their very first enterprise customer (IRESS) in Asia Pacific.

Building Culture & Community

My career has always captured some element of culture preservation or building communities. From championing team culture within an organization, to building communities around technology or brands. Looking back, there's always been some form of overlap. It's fascinating to see things come around full circle, since my high school Senior thesis paper was titled Bridging The Digital Divide for The Rural Poor of Bangladesh.

Ultimately, I want to preserve intangible cultural heritage in a way that is empowering for both current and future generations. This stems from my efforts which began with an animated series I started in 2010 called Tales From Nanumea, which eventually got sponsored by Adobe.

The "Digital Wayfinder"


I've gone by many names throughout my career - "Cultural Animator", "Bitcoin Preacher", and more recently, "Digital Wayfinder." The latter came about after my work began with the TNDL project for Tuvalu. My partner combined my Polynesian roots (the "Wayfinder" aspect) with the digital (due to my involvement in the blockchain space). I liked it, so it kind of stuck.


A digital wayfinder - which I am defining myself here - is someone who uses digital technologies, in conjunction with their intuitive abilities, to find a way forward in business or life. They are extremely curious about the connection between technology and "spirit". They often have a private or untapped connection with dreams, ancestors, or intuition, despite being pragmatic, scientifically-minded, or involved in tech. 

This site is dedicated to helping similar entrepreneurs or professionals on their own paths. Using lessons from my own experiences to help guide and inform. 

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